Amstel Quartet

The most colorful saxophone quartet in the world!

Amstel Quartet is a saxophone quartet from Amsterdam with an irreverent approach to programming, and a group sound refined over the ensemble’s 25-year history. They have performed in Europe, the UK, Russia, the Middle East, China, Japan, Canada and the United States, having won several international awards including The Concert Artists Guild Management Award, the Kersjes Prize and the Gaudeamus International Interpreters prize.

Amstel frequently collaborates with composers from around the world in the creation of new works for saxophone quartet, in recent years working with Christian Lauba, Hugues DuFourt, and Maxim Shalygin.

Amstel Quartet has released 12 CD’s, the most recent of which is dedicated to the work of Latvian neo-classical composer Georges Pelecis, and was praised by Luister magazine for its 'sublime performance'.

Remco Jak - soprano saxophone
Olivier Sliepen - alto saxophone
Bas Apswoude - tenor saxophone
Harry Cherrin - baritone saxophone