Meriç Artaç

Focusses on composing both acoustic as well as electronic music for theatre, opera, movie, dance and multidisciplinary projects next to her ensemble pieces.

Meriç Artaç is a cultural entrepreneur in the broadest sense of the word. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1990. She started her musical education at the age of 5 when she entered the highly competitive Istanbul University State Conservatory. She obtained a degree from this school at age 18, alongside a French baccalauréat from the Lycée Saint-Michel.
Upon graduating she moved to Rotterdam to study composition under guidance of Peter-Jan Wagemans. In 2015 she graduated cum laude with a Master’s degree in Composition.

During her studies in Rotterdam Meriç focussed on creating and composing music for theatre projects and opera. Every interest in multidisciplinary pieces has resulted in collaborations with dance, theatre, and film. Her compositions, both acoustic as well electronic, are musical representations of the characters and stories she creates. As a top, she was invited to have her opera Kayra performed at the Gaudeamus Muziek Week in Utrecht.