Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdam Dance Event is the most upfront and influential gathering for global electronic music and its industry. Electronic music gathers here.

ADE acknowledges that its platform is a powerful medium that not only reflects and showcases global developments in electronic music, but also contributes to the perception and position of global dance culture today. ADE started in 1996, when dance music went global. Dance music itself, however, originated as a way of protest the mainstream, social injustice and oppression, and a space to celebrate black, queer and trans culture. Since the 1990s, dance has transcended into a variety of musical genres and subcultures ranging from the experimental leftfield to the commercial mainstream, and to this day it continues to be a powerful way to express, protest, celebrate and unite.

Amsterdam Dance Event aims to provide an equal platform for all electronic music that supports this cultural significance and amplifies the voices of artistic expression, those who fight injustice, unheard talents, and dance lovers alike. ADE celebrates the diversity of dance culture and its professionals, artists and fans in our conference, festival and educational activities.