Steven Kamperman

Clarinet player and composer, an adventurer who never loses track

Composer, clarinet player, and drummer Steven Kamperman has a taste for musical adventure that has brought him into many different musical surroundings. Although extremely versatile, Kamperman’s work always displays a distinct personality, guaranteeing a subtle balance between surprise and heartfelt inspiration. Famous Dutch composer Theo Loevendie stated: “Steven Kamperman has the rare ability to make every style of music sound like his own.”

Improvised music

After an initial start as a jazz improviser, a special love for modal folk music led him in 2002 to a decade-lasting and successful collaboration with Turkish vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Behsat Üvez, in their mutual project Baraná (Baraná & Co, Baraná Trio, Elektro Shaman, Şarap / Wine, Xenopolis with Ceylan Ertem). Subsequently, from 2013 to 2018, he performed with his Horizon Trio, with Turkish vocalist Sanem Kalfa and Rumanian violinist/guitarist George Dumitriu.

With a definite more European flavor, Steven Kamperman got together in a spectacular drone duo with the French hurdy-gurdy wizard Valentin Clastrier. From 2013 on, Kamperman has co-led HOT Het Orgel Trio with bass player Dion Nijland and organist Berry van Berkum, playing contemporary jazz in churches.

In 2021, Kamperman launched City Maps, a musical trip through an imaginary city (with Bart Maris, Jorrit Westerhof, Dion Nijland, and live visuals by Henrietta Müller).