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De keuze van Jasna Velickovic


Voor componist en performer Jasna Veličković zit muziek in elektro-magnetische velden. Zij doet daar onderzoek naar en bouwt instrumenten, zoals de Velicon: een met twee handen te bespelen instrument met magneten en spoelen. Voor New Music NOW maakte zij een selectie uit haar favoriete stukken. Een riante selectie werken van collega-pioniers komt langs.


Take a stroll through music made with invented mechanical instruments, where televisions, remote controls and radios explore their new niche as performing instruments, music made with hyper organ, coils, piano, extended instruments or music made with the crowd itself. In this playlist I present works by colleagues who take an active role as performers of their own work(s).

Pierre Bastien - Mecanoid

Inspiring performer, composer and instrument maker. Hard to choose just one track.
Mecanoid, as transparent as it could be. I love it.

Wouter van Veldhoven – Experiment with televisions, radio and an oscillator

Wouter wrote about himself: Tape recorder addict and musician using second hand / found materials. I met him during the Sound Like Touch Lab (Dianne Verdonk and Roald van Dillewijn). His YouTube channel is full of great videos.

Anne La Berge & Lukas Simonis – Broken Hoses from album Rust Fungus

Two icons (Kraakgeluiden, Institute for Avantgarde Recreation Lab, Instruments Make Play) creating spooky, mysterious, uneasily pleasant atmosphere.

Trevor Grahl - Of Ancient Days

Master on hyper organ, Trevor performs his composition On Ancient days, soon to be released on CD! Great work

Hans van Koolwijk - Bambuso Sonoro

Unbelievably complex instrument created by Hans van Koolwijk. I have seen several performances and each time I was amazed.

Stephanie Pan - On Handstands (excerpt)

Vivid and energetic performer/composer, constantly expending her sound pool.

Peter Zegveld and Thijs van der Poll- excerpt from Scherzo Mechanica

Peter's installations, performances and sculptures are permeated by a general human incapacity. Incredibly intuitive and persuasive, Peter creates an extraordinary universe.

Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor - A School Burnt Down. Album Rebetika UNSOUNDS

The first time I heard a conspiracy cantata by Yannis Kyriakides, I immediately wanted to hear it again. And it happened again.

Maya Verlaak - Darmstadt Hugging Music

Composer who makes me think and giggle. I love her piece All English Music is Greensleeves.

Leo Svirsky - from his album River Without Banks

His music is strange and beautiful.

Jasna Veličković - Opera of Things

    • Anne La Berge
    • Trevor Grahl
    • Yannis Kyriakides
    • Maya Verlaak
    • Jasna Velickovic