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Christina Viola Oorebeek

sound and visual Colors & patterns: Tesla globes: gambling and dice: the Cripwalk: just a few sources of her music for acoustic&elecx&new instruments&voices

___recording one-arm bandits in Las Vegas for “…and god invented dice” ___developing new instruments like the soundwheel, plexiphone, wind-twirler ___making a sound painting of the of Tesla plasma lamps in slow motion for 'Neon Study #1' for Ensemble Modelo62

These belong to the work of a composer with a lack of adherence to convention, but, who at the same time, cherishes histories and traditions. Visual sources are important inspirations - modernism of the XXe, sound patterns from/of many cultures, the forces of Nature - among others. With “Period Point Blank”, she started making video in her work, and has gone further with ‘experimental imagery’ for her Bowed Electrons Online Festival Concerts 2021/2022 (SA).

An American-Dutch composer who left the US in '69 after singing in Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks, she was briefly a singer-songwriter in London, long a dance musician and 'rhythm for dance' teacher at the HKU, Amsterdam and while studying piano with Willem Brons at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, truly 'heard' new music for the first time.  In due course, she embarked on a career in composition at 50, studying with Klaas de Vries at CodArts Rotterdam and graduated with the Composition Prize.

She has been composing ever since, working with among others, Duo Ebano, Roadrunner Trio,  Ensemble Modelo62, Toy Piano Ensemble Seoul, Phyllis Chen_specialist toy piano (VS), Jellaantsje de Vries, Bart de Vrees en Roelof Roelofsen - percussie duo, Ludus Duo  - pianoduo Stacey Barelos, VS en Arianna Granieri, It.

Her work has been performed in festivals/concerts in the Netherlands, France, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, the USA and Canada.