Marion von Tilzer

A Shrine for the Soul

'A Shrine for the Soul' is an interactive musical installation based on the farewell letter of Vilma Grunwald

A SHRINE FOR THE SOUL - part of the ongoing series, Meetings with Remarkable Womenby composer Marion von Tilzer - is a multimedia tribute to Vilma Grunwald based on her farewell letter written moments before her death in Auschwitz. The music has a circular structure, symbolizing the infinite cycle of life. This collaborative project combines music, artwork, soundscapes and fragments of film. Live performances of von Tilzer’s composition for mezzo-soprano, solo cello, string quartet and piano are contiguous with an interactive installation of sound and interpretive artwork. Vilma’s surviving son, Frank Grunwald (b1932) created a sculpture in honor of his mother, which is the centerpiece of the installation. In collaboration with curator Maarten Spruyt.

CONCEPT: Maarten Spruyt + Marion von Tilzer
PRODUCER: Desiree Achterkamp, MuziCan Foundation
COMPOSER: Marion von Tilzer
MUSICIANS: Bella Adamova, Maya Fridman, Viride Kwartet, Marion von Tilzer  

ARTISTS: Frank Grunwald, Ossip, Juul Kraijer a.o.