Jonás Bisquert

Jonás is a composer of all traits, he developed a very refined sense of rhythm.

Born in Madrid (Spain), end of 1978. Family roots in Andalusia, Valencia, Galicia, some Philippine descent. Grew up singing and playing music in different styles. Classical music studies at conservatory in Madrid; piano teacher diploma; jazz studies at Escuela de Música Creativa. Close contact with flamenco in Cádiz. Unfinished Economics at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Bachelor in Composition at Utrechts Conservatorium. Master Degree in Composition for the Stages, specialising in Advanced Rhythm at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. A few seasons spent in Java (Indonesia), moved back and forth to Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands. Some traveling, besides Europe, wherever music took me, e.g. Misiones (Paraguay, Argentina), Karnataka (India), Casamance (Senegal).