Jeroen Kimman

Amsterdam-based guitarist/composer Jeroen Kimman could be considered something of an anthropologist within the Dutch creative music scene. He's not strictly a composer, not strictly a hired gun "impossible guitar parts" player for modern ensembles, not strictly a gifted colorist for chamber jazz ensembles, not strictly a country music geek or ex math-rocker: his thing is more about collecting different approaches, learning from and slightly warping every musical angle that presents itself.

He records and produces his own music under the monniker Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido.
(‘a slippery ride, but a very good one.’ THE WIRE)

He has composed music for Roomtone, Rosa Ensemble, Brown vs Brown, So Horse, amongst others, as well as for film, animation, theater, music theater, and contemporary dance productions. His music has been released on labels such as Astral Editions, Shhpuma, Trytone, PAO Records, Music For Speakers.