Claudio Baroni

Memories of the future

A 10-minutes piece for a trio with electronics and pre-recorded tape.

This piece is inspired by experiences of the pandemic and based on a text by journalist Geraldine Schwarz, which will be heard in the spoken recording which is part of the music. Combining registration of the performers in a studio and imagery inspired by the text, Sebastian Diaz Morales made the video clip.

J’ai connu by Claudio F. Baroni
Text - Géraldine Schwarz

Film - Sebastian Díaz Morales
Music - Claudio F. Baroni

Pre-recorded voice - Isabelle Vigier

Electric guitar - Jeroen Kimman
Piano - Reinier van Houdt
Double bass - Dario Calderone
electronics and tape - Claudio F. Baroni
Actress - Anne-Laure Ruffin
Camera, light and editing - Sebastian Díaz Morales
Music recorded and mastered by sound engineer Joeri Saal
with the assistance of Tom Geenen at Studio 150, Amsterdam.
(edition - Claudio F Baroni)