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Yu Oda

Electro-Acoustic Music & Multimedia

In the past several years, Yu Oda has been broadening his activities and focusing more on creating electroacoustic music, performing electronics himself, and creating multimedia art. His previous works include a theatre project and a collaboration project with a multidisciplinary artist to build an audiovisual installation. In these works, he engaged his experience as a composer and a performer, composed musical materials, created electroacoustic sounds by interconnecting acoustic instruments or sound objects with electronics, and participated in performances. Currently, he is developing ways to implement audiovisual components into his works and to visually enhance the audio source for an immersive experience.

In addition, in collaboration with percussionist Laurent Warnier, Oda has been working together as an electroacoustic music duo “Plastiklova”. The aim is to use acoustic sounds (usually the vibraphone) to trigger the electronics, in order to make direct connections between the intuitively-performed raw sounds and the electronically-processed outcome. The duo is currently developing the possibilities in this concept and working on a new multimedia project, in which digital graphics and electronic audio will be generated, controlled, and mixed with acoustic sounds of the vibraphone.

After graduating from Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2011, Yu Oda worked as a composer writing for various musicians and projects such as Noord Nederlands Toneel, Noord Nederlands Orkest, United Instruments of Lucilin, Ensemble Proton, Scenatet, Joint Venture Percussion Duo, Ensemble Phoenix. He has also co-founded new music ensembles Looptail and Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, and electro-acoustic techno band, Project 128, for which he worked as artistic director, performer, and composer. Including Toonzetters (2012) and Gaudeamus (2011), some of his compositions were nominated for prizes, and his works have been performed by various musicians and presented in several international festivals including Gaudemus Muziekweek, Holland Festival, Oerol Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, Grachten Festival, Sounds of Music Festival, MATA Festival, Forum Neuer Musik, Time of Music Festival, Rainy Days Festival, and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. He studied composition and graduated from California State University, Northridge, and Conservatorium van Amsterdam.