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Steven Henry

bass_clarinet specialist | composer ♫ creative_tech_musician ♫ international soloist ♫ Henri Selmer Paris bass_clarinet artist ♫ #Music, #Science, #Technology

Steven Henry is a bass_clarinet specialist and (film)composer. He studied clarinet at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg and specialised on bass clarinet with the world-renowned bass clarinetist Henri Bok. At the Eindhoven University of Technology Steven Henry graduated in the field of physics. Although classically trained, Steven Henry enjoys exploring many musical worlds and technological possibilities; such influences can be heard in his compositions and performances, which often transcend genre definition.

As a performer he performs as a soloist, combining motion_sensor tech with the bass_clarinet, and with various musicians, engineers and ensembles, including popduo Meander, Team HART (TU Eindhoven) and the trio Rodinia.

As a composer he made his first success with "Wals van Fantasie", a composition for concert band, which has been performed in various countries. In May 2016, one of his compositions, "Binary Digits", a work for wind ensemble and percussion regarding the basic computer language, was well received by musicians, press and public. In addition to compositions for large ensembles, Steven Henry also composes works for smaller ensembles and short films.

Since October 2020 Steven Henry is the artistic director of the MuST foundation. MuST, founded by Steven Henry himself, organises and supports project in the fields of music, science and technology.

At Microlab at Strijp-S, Eindhoven (NL) Steven Henry has his own studio. This is the place where he experiments, rehearses, works on his new compositions, makes recordings and where he teaches (bass)_clarinet.

Steven is supported by the (bass)_clarinet brand Henri Selmer Paris.