Ricardo Huisman

Sound image artist, soundscape composer, interactive tactile sound sculpture installations, “sensescapes”, research: “multi sensorial hearing perspective”.


As a socially engaged sound image artist, soundscape composer Ricardo Huisman, 1960, creates inclusive interactive tactile sonic sculpture installations. His woollen sound sculptures produce tangible and audible composed soundscapes or “sensescapes”, causing an intimate intensified personal hearing experience that reveal multiple associative dimensions, reminiscences, bodily sensations that could give rise to new spaces for imagination and playful knowledge. Huisman invites people to interact within his community sound art projects, becoming co-creators of their own “multi sensorial hearing perspective” (artistic research) as response-able and responsible joint owners of an inclusive sound habitat and sound ecology. He is inspired by modern- and contemporary art, (electronic) music, specially acoustic ecology, soundscapes, soundwalks, sonic heritage. His tactile sonic installation work is presented to a diverse and inclusive public, young to old, “differently abled”, people with Alzheimer’s disease in care centers, music (theater) festivals, art schools or conferences. His “sensescapes” are like sound journeys, mixing the (un)musical with (un)natural sounds, binaural field recordings, concrete sounds and instrumental (midi) sounds. As member of World Forum of Acoustic Ecology, World Listening Project, Aural Diversity Network, Sensory Studies Network, Ambiance network he's active involved in sound- and sense studies.  


In 2020 the tactile sonic installation: “woollen sound organs” with multichannel sensescape: “introspective (de)constructed nature” was nominated by New Geneco for the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music), World Music Days. His album: “Sensescapes in the pandemic, disruptive transparencies” documented by the WFAE. 2021 he realized the community sound art project: “walking the woollen sound dog in the neighbourhood” (under corona restrictions) supported by Performing Arts Fund NL. In 2022 the soundscape: “Building Unity, sounds to go (around The World)” was nominated for ISCM, Sounds to Go.