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Joke Kegel

Joke Kegel: Composer. Some works are published by Donemus. Teaching piano/voice in Studio JoKegel. Composer/soprano in Duo Kurkuma.


From new to older productions and concerts of Joke Kegel.

Duo Kurkuma will perform new works in 2023 in a new programme with guest players from home and abroad in cooperation with the Friends of C Hiep Foundation.

End of 2022 the organisation New Music NOW will pay attention to the work of Joke Kegel with a TV broadcast.

November 4th, 2022, premiere of a new work for Bassclarinet and bas flute played by Ensemble El Perro Andaluz in the Project 'RevierWechsel II' in Leibzig, in memory of Iannis Xenakis.

September 18th, 2022, will be the premiere of 'Who is Counting on a Pure Symmetric Triad Within a Perfect Fourth', from 2003, performed and specially arranged for the Scala Ensemble in the Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij, will take place. The commissioner of this work was Sander Germanus from the Fokker Huygens Foundation.

From 2019 on, Duo Kurkuma (composer/pianist Ere Lievonen and composer/soprano Joke Kegel) regularly give concerts with their own compositions. Works of Joke: 'From different perspectives'; 'We grow accustomed to the Dark'; 'Imagen we are sea weeds'; 'Flow water'.

2021 the London premiere was FLOW WATER for soprano Donna Lennard and pianist Gavin Roberts. Donna Lennard commissioned Joke Kegel to write this work for their concert series on climate change and rising sea levels.

2020 'Vibrant Sky' commissioned composition for three-voice women's choir. Music and text Joke Kegel 2020, published and available online on the website of Nieuw Geneco.

2010 'Imaginary City' for Ere Lievonen on the Fokker organ (31-tones in octave) and Fang Weiling Erhu (Chinese violin). During the week of the Chinese Opera in the BAM Hall of the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam, Chinese temperatures, Chinese and Dutch music.

2010 Stichting Plan B. Animation film Mandela Boogie Woogie, looping from Thakagenesis. Toypiano Clouds of Sound II. Performances in the art centre of Bergen and in SMART Project Space in Amsterdam.

2009-'11 Artistic and business leader of the intermediate project Alternative faces. Compositions by Joke Kegel and performers: 'Inventions for Bassoon' for James Aylward, Bassoon; 'Bare feet, breath and bare hands' for Ainhoa Miranda, Bass Clarinet; Piano Trio 'You wind of March' with Veronika Manova violin, Stephanie Hunt cello and Ere Lievonen piano; Recorder trio aXolot: with the works 'AIR' and 'Ebb flow ebb' for Kim José Bode, Anna Stegmann and Ruth Dyson.
Concerts: Bethaniënklooster; Meervaart in the Blue Hall; Stadsdeelgebouw Oudzuid. Other locations: Huize Juttershof during the art 10-day; Art centre of Bergen NH; Azijnfabriek 6 s'Hertogen-bosch. Supported by the Karnaticlab Foundation and Stadsdelen Centrum, Oudzuid and Nieuwwest.

2006 Van een leien dak, multimediaproject during the museum night in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, in cooperation with painter Gerbrig Seidel.
A continuously running slide show of painted slate tiles and live CD recording of the ensemble work 'Who is counting on a pure symmetric triad within a perfect fourth'
The project was repeated in the Karnaticlab 07'.

2006 Production collaborator, composer and singer in the project IncorpOrea: percussion, violin, clarinet, guitar, voice, solo dance and video fragments with flying birds in delay, is a layered performance of 30 minutes in which change is central, within the composition of music, dance and image and specially designed clothing. Collaboration in the Arts. Academy of Architecture, Dance and Art Academy and the Conservatory. Performed with conductor in the Danstheater of the Theaterschool, the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre and the Oude Kerk during AIR 2.