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Igor Iofe

composer/trumpet player/singer currently focused on traditional duduk repertoire which he plays on a quartertone trumpet.

At the Conservatorium van Amsterdam he studied with Wim Hendrickx,Richard Ayres, Fabio Nieder,Willem Jeths and Jorrit Tamminga. Igor attended masterclasses with Misato Mochizuki, Dmitry Kourliandski, Tristan Murail andTan Dun. His music was performed among other at the Composers’ Festival Amsterdam (2012 and 2013), Atlas Academy (2010-12), Looptail XXX, An Evening of Today and at such venues as De Link, De Duif, Het Bethaniënklooster, Het Veem, STEIM, Muziekgebouw aan 't Ij and CvA in Amsterdam and other cities of The Netherlands.

Parallel to his Classical Composition studies Igor studied Composing Music for Film with Jurre Haanstra and graduated as a Master in Composing for FIlm at the CvA. During his studies he wrote music for several movies which were shown at the Beeldbuis Filmfestival, Keep an Eye Film Festival, VERS Awards, Cinekid Filmfestival, M2M Filmfestival and Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam.

Since 2017 Igor is one of the organisers of the festivals at Toets des Tijds at Werkgebouw Het Veem in Amsterdam.