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Anders Jallén

Like music itself, themes like nature and ecology, human rights and democracy are a lifelong locus and a poetical-political devotion.

Anders Jallén (1961, Sweden) is a musician presently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He previously lived, studied and worked in Sweden, Greece and France. Multicultural, multilingual English, Dutch, French and Swedish. 

As per 2019 writing the "Human Rights' Oratorio" for 4 soloists, Choir and Symphony Orchestra. The text for this Oratorio is the original UN Declaration from 1948 - it's the first time this text is set to music. 

He graduated Master of Fine Arts in Music (majored in classical guitar). Postgraduate studies include musicology and contemporary music at Darmstadt and IRCAM. E.g. studies with Pierre Boulez and Iannis Xenakis. 


Jallén spent several years as a freelance guitarist in Europe. Concert guitarist, chamber music and performed with various ensembles and orchestras, wrote articles published in periodicals / CD booklets. Teacher (music-history, guitar), now and then working in music shops in various cities in Europe.

As of 1994 he switched and spent 24 years in business, started at IBM pioneering the Internet. Later he fulfilled various management and finance positions, in the meantime having moved company to AT&T. 

He says that the only thing he always did, throughout all the walks of life he has trodden, was writing music. Which is now the only thing he does. Refer to humanrightsoratorio.com and symphonyforthewaters.com and more.