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Culture Unlimited Festival 2023


The Culture Unlimited Festival returns for its highly anticipated 2023 edition, promising an unforgettable celebration of diversity, art, and intercultural exchange. From November 4th to December 16th, audiences across multiple cities in the Netherlands are invited to join this extraordinary cultural journey.

Fostering Intercultural Dialogues Through Art:

Culture Unlimited Festival is more than just a cultural event; it’s a vibrant platform dedicated to promoting intercultural dialogues through the power of art. At the heart of the festival lies a deep commitment to involving and engaging local communities in the experience. 

A Musical Tapestry of the Eastern World:

This year, the festival proudly showcases a rich tapestry of music, primarily from the Eastern world. Audiences can expect to be transported across genres, from contemporary classical to jazz, pop, electronic, and Eastern folk music.

Meet the Exceptional Artists:

The festival lineup includes an impressive array of artists and ensembles, each bringing their unique flair to the stage. Some of the highlighted performers include:

  • New European Ensemble
  • Rembrandt Frerichs 
  • Tony Overwater
  • Oene van Geel
  • Ilmatar Choir
  • West End Big Band
  • Sougata Roy Chowdhury and Suman Sarkar
  • Kimya Band
  • Under the Surface
  • Jeron van Vliet
  • Geert Mul
  • Abeer Albatal
  • Kinan Abuakel
  • Yiorgos Bereris
  • Hannibal Saad
  • Anan Al-kadmani
  • And many more…

A Global Fusion of Music:

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that transcends borders and genres, weaving together the diverse sounds of the Eastern world. This fusion of cultures promises to be a musical experience like no other.