Bart De Vrees e.a.

20 Years Modelo62 Celebration


20 years of playing with what it means to make music. Modelo62 is a place of experimentation. They explore the performative potential in each project, and deliver energetic performances in our interdisciplinary collaborations. On December 1 and 2 they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

20 Years Modelo62 Celebration – DAY #1

Concert 1 | 20.00 – 21:00

Robert Ashley, “Revised, finally (April, 1961 – April, 1973), for Gordon Mumma” 

Lucie Nezri, “For experiencers (Modelo62)” (Dutch premiere)

Anthony Vine, “For Agnes Martin”

Roxanne Nesbitt, “Death and the rest”

Concert 2 | 21.30 – 22:30

Clarence Barlow, “Sachets des cisaux insatiables”

Bart De Vrees, “26 fragments, or doing things in the age where everything has been done”

Keir Neuringer, “Elegy for the schoolboys at Ghazi Khan”

20 Years Modelo62 Celebration – DAY #2

Concert 3 | 20.00 – 21:00

Clara de Asís, new work (World Premiere)

Cecilia Arditto, “The world according to Harmon” (World Premiere)

Silvia Borzelli, “Polar b”

Maurizio Tedde, “Venus Station”

Concert 4 | 21:30 – 22:30

Chaz Underriner, “Moving”

Featuring Nico Couck on Pedal Steel Guitar

    • Paleiskerk, Den Haag
    • Ensemble Modelo62